QCHANNELS Table Locator System

An advanced wireless table location technology to speed up food delivery. QCHANNELS Table Locator System helps causal restaurants to deliver food faster, enhance productivity and perform service level analytics.


QCHANNELS Table Locator System consists of one gateway and display with RFID tags and many hand held pagers. Cashier issue the guest with a pager. Guest places the device on his table, the device will read the RFID tag on the table and sends the table number to the kitchen display. When food is ready, food runner identifies guest’s location via display and serves the food to the respective table.


  • Advance location technology
  • Real time monitoring of order’s waiting time and receive SMS or email alerts for “delayed” orders
  • Pager is also a transmitter – page for guests to collect their takeaway orders
  • Up to 300m coverage, perfect for large restaurant
  • User friendly interface
  • New pager design – slim and compact with rubber rim to protect against drop shock
  • Service level reports & analytics


  • Improve productivity
  • Make food runner more efficient, no more circling the floor to look for the guests
  • Serve food faster
  • Turn tables faster


Fast Causal Restaurant, Cafe and Coffee House.


First, attach the RFID table tags to the tables. Next, position the display (tablet/PC) with the gateway near to kitchen and place the pagers on the charger base next to cashier.