QCHANNELS WaterProof DropProof Paging System

QCHANNELS WaterProof DropProof Paging System developed as a customer relationship management for counter and self collection operation to improve their productivity. Operator contacts their guests when their order is ready for collection, while maintaining a pleasant and orderly environment. There are three options to alert your guests – flash, beep or vibrate.

Operation & Installation:

QCHANNELS WaterProof DropProof Paging System consists of one transmitter and many hand held waterproof & dropproof coaster pagers. To page any coaster pager, simply enter the pager number on the transmitter and press send and your guest will immediately receive alert on his waterproof & dropproof coaster pager.


  • New pager design – waterproof, slim and compact with rubber rim to protect against drop shock
  • Pager is DropProof from a height of 1.5m
  • Up to 500m coverage, perfect for large restaurant and multiple levels
  • Alerts using flashing lights, vibration or beeps to contact your guests
  • Simple for guest and staff to use, rechargeable coaster pagers and compact in size
  • “SMART” Coaster Pager Charging System – charging stops when coaster pager reaches full charge


  • Improve productivity
  • Co-opt guest into your service delivery process
  • Divert your manpower to other important areas of operations
  • Organised guest management queuing system


Food Court, Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee House and Self Service Counter.


Place the transmitter near to food collection counter and place the coaster pagers on the charging base next to cashier.

Technical Specifications:


  • Power adaptor: AC 110 / 220V, 60 / 50Hz output 12V DC
  • Wireless UHF, Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Up to 500m coverage range
  • Built-in-clock
  • POCSAG Code and FM Modulation
  • Operation Temperature: -10c to 60c
  • Dimension(mm): W(100) x D(160) x H(45)

WaterProof DropProof Coaster Pager

  • UHF, frequency: 433.92MHz
  • POCSAG Code
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • Pagers alert modes flash, vibrate or beep for versatility
  • Dimension(mm): W(107) x D(105) x (H)15
  • Weight (g): 125
  • Powered by 2 X AAA 2.4V rechargeable battery

Charging Base

  • Charging base can charge up to a max 15  of pagers