QCHANNELS Table Call Paging System

QCHANNELS Table Call Paging System was designed to help guests to contact the waiter direct from their table. No more hand wavering.

Guests can now push a button on the table unit to contact the server. A message will be transmitted to the waiter’s pager, informing him the specific table and type of service requested.

Operation & Installation:

QCHANNELS Table Call Paging System consist of table call to be placed at each table, Pagers to held by service staff and option of a Central Display Tablet to placed at the counter

Customer presses the button on the Table Call to contact the waiter. Waiter’s pager will beep, light and vibrate showing the table number and the type of service requested.

Operator can also opt to replace the Pagers with newly developed Table Call Receiver App (iOS/Android).

Also, the operator can also incorporate a Central Display Tablet to show detailed information of the call i.e time, repetition. Key appointment holders can receive SMS or email alerts for unattended calls that is taking longer than usual, to quickly perform customer recovery.


  • Compact & Light Table Call (Water Resistance or Waterproof models are available)
  • Improve productivity and service standard
  • Service staff can perform other duties and are readily alerted when customer requires assistance
  • Empower service staff to oversee a larger area i.e out of sight tables
  • Service level reports and analytics to apprise service staff and measure service standard


Cafes, Restaurants, Poolside, Alfresco Tables and Meeting Rooms

Technical Specifications:

Table Call (Transmitter)

  • Frequency 433.92MHz with FM Modulation
  • Output power 1mW
  • Dimension (mm): W40 X D63 X H14
  • Weight (g) : 30
  • Battery replaceable (Life: 1 year)
  • Water Resistance or WaterProof
  • FCC Compliant. This device complies with FCC rules, FCC ID: QBTLTK-2000T

Pager (Receiver)

  • POCSAG Code with UHF Technology
  • Alert Type – Vibrate, Light & Beep with Message Display
  • Store up to 20 messages
  • Dimension (mm): W56 X D94 X H17
  • Weight (g): 62
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • FCC Compliant. This device complies with FCC rules, FCC ID: QBT-LT2009T

Pager Charger

  • 6 slots and 12 slots are available